Superior Essentials Locking Sunglasses Holder for Sun Visor/Air Vent - Securely Holds Glasses & Sunglasses on Sun-Visor or Air-Vent

The Superior Essentials Locking Sunglasses Holder is a Small Neat clip, that attaches to sun-visors and air vents in cars. This convenient clip clicks closed to keep all kinds of glasses accessible and safe while driving.
This Locking Sunglasses Holder is better then other clips for glasses with thin handles as it sports a locking mechanism that closes and ensures that the even glasses with thin arms do not move around fall out of the holder. 

Key Features: 
2.5" long,1.5” wide,1.5" deep (without the clip) 
Simple operation: Press tab to open and Push into place to click closed
Mounts to all visors with wire lip attachment 
Mounts to air vents with vent clip attachment 
Can be mounted horizontally (All Vehicles) and vertically (Most Vehicles) when using with vent clip 

This Product is backed by a 1 year full warranty.