Superior Essentials Double Sunglasses/Glasses Holder for Sun Visor or Air Vent


Superior Essentials Double Sunglasses-Glasses Holder for Sun Visor/Air Vent - Conveniently Holds 2 Pairs of Sunglasses

  • Store and access your Glasses and Shades neatly and safely
  • Securely Holds 2 Pairs of Glasses in Place- Glasses will Not Slip Out
  • Easy to use while On the Go- No Buttons or Moving parts Just slide in and out
  • Clips onto Sunvisor or Into Car Vent
  • Fits All Glasses and Sunglasses


Superior Essentials Dual Holder Sunglasses Visor Clip

Why spend a few bucks on a visor clip for your sunglasses when you can just put them in a case or on the dashboard while driving? Well, they are likely to get smashed up if you don't, so it's wiser to use the clip than to regret having a broken pair of sunglasses.


You want a sunglasses holder in your car or visor to be as practical to use as possible. It has to have the following features for maximum efficiency:

- Visor Installation

- Ease of Use

- Low maintenance

- Wide Compatibility

Super Essentials Double Sunglasses Car Sunglasses Holder checks them all. It secures easily on the visor with a clip mechanism and is super easy to use. Just slide in and out your sunglasses and you’re set.

Easy-Breezy! Plus, since it’s pretty compact, there’s not much maintenance needed. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth a couple of times a week to keep it looking nice and clean.

The sunglasses holder has a car visor clip and universal compatibility so no matter which vehicle you drive, it will always find a place to clip itself on and hold your cool sunglasses.

Superior Essentials Double Sunglasses Holder is designed to hold two shades simultaneously. It slides onto the sun visor and keeps your cool glasses in place on the bumpiest of roads. It’s able to hold most glasses, even two large aviators will fit at the same time.

·    HOLDS 2X SUNGLASSES: What’s more charismatic than a pair of sunglasses? Two pairs of sunglasses! Superior Essentials Double Sunglasses Holder is built to hold two of your favorite pairs, so you can always have access to both no matter where you are.

·    STAY ORGANIZED: Keep things neat and organized in your car with the glasses holder. No more throwing them on the car seat. No more placing them on the dashboard. Get a dedicated spot for them where they’re out of sight but right in place.

·     POWERFUL GRIP: Having a sunglasses visor that can’t withstand bumpy rides is worse than using the dashboard for placing your sunglasses. That’s because if the sunglasses fall out of the visor, they’re 90% likely to break. Superior Essentials Sunglasses Visor is made with this in mind. It has got a powerful grip that’s strong enough to ensure the sharpest of turns won’t send it flying.

·    KEEPS SUNGLASSES SCRATCH-FREE: Safeguard your pricey pair of sunglasses against scratches by keeping them in a safe place where there’s no danger of nasty scraping.

·    OCCUPIES LITTLE SPACE: The Superior Essentials Double Sunglasses Holder clips onto the visor, making sure you’re not giving up on helpful space inside your car. It’s small, compact, and keeps things tidy!

·    FITS ANY GLASSES: Whether you have Gucci or Prada, Rayban, or any other brand glasses, nothing is too tough a challenge for our visor sunglasses holder.

·    SLIDE IN SLIDE OUT: Grabbing your sunglasses pair is very simple. You can do it with one hand so that it does not disrupt the flow of your driving in any way. No unnecessary buttons or levers just slide in and slide out. Super convenient!

BOTTOM LINE: If you are anyone who likes to keep their sunglasses company when out and about and expects to keep them safe, secure, and scratch-free, this sunglasses holder is a great choice.

Moreover, because it’s got a surface big enough to hold two pairs of sunglasses pairs simultaneously, you can keep your two favorite pairs with you at all times. It’s a strong, durably built holder you can count on when it comes to the safety of your expensive sunglasses pairs!