Clear Transparent Bookweight-Bookcover-Pageholder Book Protector

    • PROTECT ANY BOOK OR MAGAZINE-Size options available for all book sizes and magazines.
    • HOLDS THE PAGE AND PROTECTS THE BOOK - Holds the pages of the book in place for outdoor reading or protection.
    • GREAT FOR BOOKS ON DISPLAY-Great solution for books that are on display and need to be open to a specific page.
    • PROTECT YOUR BOOKS, COOKBOOKS, AND MAGAZINES: Easy protection solution to Cover and Protect Cookbooks and Cooking Magazines
    • WASHABLE: 100% washable and dishwasher safe.
    • FULLY GUARANTEED: Backed by the Superior Essentials Lifetime Warranty

    Are your books, cookbooks, and magazines splattered with chocolate, egg, or oil? Does your cooking magazine snap shut every time you move away to add an ingredient mid-recipe? Looking to display an open book and keep the page open even in the wind?


    Keep your books protected and open to the page you need with our acrylic plexiglass book weight and protector!


    If you ever found yourself struggling to keep a book open at the page you were reading as you have your morning coffee or tea while trying to prevent drips or keep your cookbook clean and open to the recipe you're trying to follow while cooking and baking, struggle no more!


    This acrylic plexiglass book weight and protector will keep your book steady and open while shielding the pages from any drips or spills. Your book will look as good as new, stain-free, and pleasant to use again and again under this plexiglass protector.


    The weighted acrylic will keep the book propped open exactly where you need it for hands-off direct viewing so you direct all your attention to cooking as efficiently as possible all while keeping your book spic and span. With all the instructions clearly and dependably laid out before you, you will never mess up. You can easily manage eating meals over an open book while you read or study without worrying about stains or drips on the pages.


    This product is also perfect for books on display where you want the book to stay protected and open to a specific page. Simply place the weighted transparent protector on the open book and your book is shielded yet clearly displayed and visible to all.


    Every self-respecting cook, student, or book lover needs this innovative product for that hands-free cooking, studying, or reading experience.


    Pair this product with your favorite cookbook for an original and practical wedding gift.


    • After your cooking session or meal, simply wipe down the 100% washable book protector or wash it in the dishwasher so you can start again next time with a clean transparent surface.