Superior Essentials Glasses Holder for Car Sunshade


Superior Essentials Sunglasses Holder Visor Clip Superior Essentials Double Sunglasses Holder is designed to seamlessly hold your shades!

Whether you’re a big fan of wearing sunglasses while you are out and about, or you just want to make sure you don’t end up damaging them, the Superior Essentials Holder makes sure they’re well taken care of when not in use.

Are you thinking about why you need the visor clip when you can simply put them on the car or on the dashboard while you’re driving? Well, they are likely to get smashed up! So it’s wiser to spend a few bucks on the visor clip than regretting over a broken pair of sunglasses.


You want the sunglasses holder to be as practical to use as possible. It has to have the following features for maximum efficiency:

  1. Visor Installation Ease of Use
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Wide Compatibility

Superior Essentials Sunglasses Holder checks them all.

It secures easily on the visor with a clip mechanism and is super easy to use. Just slide in and out your sunglasses and you’re set. Easy-Breezy! Plus, since it’s pretty compact, there’s not much maintenance needed. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth a couple of times a week to keep it looking nice and clean.

The sunglasses holder has universal compatibility so no matter which vehicle you drive, it will always find a place to clip itself on and hold your cool sunglasses. Superior Essentials Sunglasses Holder is designed to seamlessly hold your s shades . It slides onto the sun visor and keeps your cool glasses in place on the bumpiest of roads. It’s able to hold most glasses even large aviators.