Superior Essentials Magnetic Attachable Bookmark--The only Bookmark That Will Never Fall Out


Have you ever bookmarked a page only to have the bookmark fall out ?
What is the point of a bookmark if it's not guaranteed to hold your place?!

Enter the Magnetic Bookmark From Superior Essentials 

This unique innovative bookmark will transform your reading and studying experience.  The durable genuine leather magnetic base clips directly onto the spine  or back cover of your book.
You can then easily slip the attached ribbon into the appropriate page to serve as a placeholder. 

 The powerful magnetic base will stay tightly attached and the ribbon will reliably serve as a placeholder for you so you can easily pick up where you left off with no worries about the bookmark slipping off and losing your spot.   The magnetic base stays fixed to the spine or back cover of the book and the ribbon can be easily and readily moved to any page. 

 It will make any book look polished, sophisticated and exciting to read.  This product is designed for long-term use and durability with its powerful magnet, sleek genuine leather clip and ribbon.  It will make the perfect elegant gift for a student, study partner, pastor, lecturer or just your ordinary bookworm.


  • BETTER THAN THE STANDARD BOOKMARK: This genuine leather magnet and ribbon bookmark will reliably serve as a placeholder in any book, hard or softcover by simply attaching the leather magnet onto the book spine or back cover of any book and slipping the ribbon between the pages.
  • NO MORE DOG-EARING: If you are a lecturer, student, study partner or book lover and need a dependable place holder for your books, this magnetic ribbon bookmark will not disappoint. The bookmark will stay firmly fixed in place until the next time you open your book and the ribbon can easily be moved as you progress in your reading without ruining your books by dog-earing pages
  • DURABLE GENUINE LEATHER MATERIAL: Even if you put your book in a bookbag or backpack you can feel secure in knowing that this original ribbon bookmark will never fall out of your book causing you to lose your spot.
  • THIN & LIGHTWEIGHT: The high quality doesn’t take its toll on the form factor. The magnetic bookmark isn’t bulky at all, rather thin and lightweight – just how you like your accessories.
  • GREAT GIFT ITEM: An elegant gift for bookworms, children, teachers, friends, etc. It can also be paired with a beautiful book as a gift.
  • DIMENSIONS: Top Magnetic Attachment Part: 2.5x0.75 x0.10 Inches---Ribbon: 13 Inches Long–Material Top Top: Genuine Leather-Ribbon Polyester with latex coated tip.